First Day of Lakademy

And Lakademy is finally here! This is not my first direct interaction with a KDE member, but I was sort of nervous to met many members at once, since it has been less than a year that I began contributing to KDE. As I got off the plane I got to know a member of the translation team with a KDE t-shirt and talked to him (he came in the same plane with me), and he introduced me to other members. We got to the hostel and, as we arrived one day earlier, we went out to drink, talk and eat acarajé (which was incredible). It was a nice evening and I got to know better the most veteran and new members.


Next day, we got up early to move to the Universidade Federal da Bahia and began the Lakademy. Some members went to buy groceries and some went directly and prepared the room. After a round of presentations, Lakademy was declared online! I spent most of the time reviewing ROCS code and wrote some fixes for redundant code and a problem with the interface that was introduced in one of the last commits. After that, I listed some tasks that could be done this week. We finished the first day of Lakademy sharing what we did and went back to the hostel to prepare to have dinner and some fun in Salvador. :)


Looking forward for the next days!