Lakademy 2019

I’m now writing this post in the last hours of the Lakademy 2019 (and my first one). It was really good to be “formally” introduced to the community and it’s people, and to be in this environment of people wanting to collaborate to something as incredible as KDE. Althought I wanted to contribute more to other projects, I did some changes and fixes in the rocs, wrote my Season of KDE project and got some tasks that can help with the future of rocs.


This event showed me the passion that even the most veteran members have for the software, and how, even after years of collaboration, they are still teaching new members and putting everything they got to create better softwares for everyone. On the other side, seeing the new members collaborating for the first time with such desire to share and learn helped me with the energy to help more.


I just have to thanks KDE for everything they provided to me during these months of Google Summer of Code, for the help to come to Salvador to be a part of this community and for the good laughs. It was incredible! To the next Lakademy and (i hope so) Akademy. :)

Special thanks to Tomaz, that introduced me to KDE!