Crazy Last Weeks

Last weeks have been crazy for me. Since the GSoC began, I have been rushing everything related to university and my life to dedicate exclusively to the development. Besides the two classes I was taking, Static Code Analysis and Approximation Algorithms, I had my obligatory teaching internship in Project and Analysis of Algorithms for the postgraduate program, where I was responsible for creating and evaluating assignments for 50+ students and answering general questions.


Besides that, I was in the organization of the Latin & American Algorithms, Graphs and Optimization Symposium during June 2nd to 7th, where I was responsible for a plethora of things before and during the event (Although it was a lot of fun, a lot of researchers from all around the globe and incredible research). And, just as I got back, I had to delve back to tests, assignments, seminars…

One of the problems for brazilians in taking the GSoC is that the beginning of the program does not match exactly with the end of our classes. But now, as everything is (finally!) ending, I can focus entirely in the GSoC and my project. Just before the GSoC (and before even creating my project), I had compiled to KDE Framework 5 and the ROCS software, so most of the development environment was already set.

I am using as my environment the Qt Creator, and I am focusing in the algorithm for creation of specific graph classes inside the generategraphwidget. I have already implemented algorithms for Paths, Complete and Complete Bipartite graphs, besides fixing some details here and there. These modifications are still only in my local machine, as I am having some problems pushing the commits (I must be doing something wrong in my configuration).

I noticed that the calculation of the position of the graphs generated is strange, as it put the graphs almost ouside the view (and we can’t push the view there), so probably the positioning must be corrected. There is a function for calculating the center there, I will compare that function to the point where the view always come back and adjust accordingly. Another detail is the symbols of the view tools, that are not showing correctly.